ODE A BACCHUS (and St. Vincent)


This imprecation is read before any chapter by the Grand Master (or the master of ceremonies)


«  Listen to me, Bacchus, Master of the presses!

Bacchus conqueror, whose empire extends to the north,

Come and judge us and welcome this new adept of your worship.

Let him drink with wisdom and reason, without ever going to drunkenness!

To taste all the joys that our wine offers

Let him know and appreciate by his words

Let him defend him when he is denigrated!

Let him finally love it and make it his favorite drink.


As for you, Grand Saint Vincent,

Boss of all the winemakers,


Teach him to open the doors of our cellars,

That every winemaker’s house be welcoming to him,

Teach him the hard work that goes from the vineyard to the press:

The frost, the storm, the hail, the devastating insect,

The weight of the behavior during the harvest time;

But teach him especially the joy of new wine

Singing in the plump glass,

The charm of venerable bottles

Where the fireworks of our terroirs sleep. »