The locations of the Commandery

The origin dates back to 1099 Commanderies with the Hospitaller of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. From the 13th century the Winemakers are grouped around their banner and their protector. Their goals were to ensure the quality of wines, set a date Ban Harvest, defend the interests of the profession. Today the Commanderie des Côtes du Rhône in France perpetuates the traditions of the past and acts as an ambassador for the wines of our villages and our wines. Headquartered in the castle of Suze la Rousse.
By receiving in his order of famous people, it helps to showcase the wines of Côtes du Rhône in France and abroad.
To continue his work, she created the Baronnies in the Palatinate, Belgium in Gent and Liège, Switzerland Montreux, the Americas in Quebec City, Montreal, Drummondville, New York, Philadelphia and North Korea in Seoul.
Barony Each is headed by a Consul accompanied by Commanders.
Each event called Chapter Commanders, Consuls, under the order of the Grand Master are of wide red tunic sleeves lined with gold, itself partly covered with a white coat with gold piping and a red and black hat in Valois. Only Commanders wear a necklace and a gold medal.
The inductions are part of an immutable ceremony in which each inductee (knight or officer) will have previously listened carefully to the speech of the Grand Master calling him the Blessing of Bacchus and St. Vincent.