Copa Santa

In 1867, the Catalans offered the Provencal Félibres a silver cup in gratitude for the reception given to the Catalan poet Victor Balaguer, expatriate for political reasons. At the end of the banquet, organized for the occasion in Avignon, Frédéric Mistral launched a hymn in thanks.

Since it became the anthem of Provence and, by extension, the anthem of all language pays d’Oc, and is still sung in félibréennes ceremonies on the music of an old Christmas of the seventeenth century Saboly .

The cut of antique form, is supported by a conch shell against a palm tree which supports two statuettes, two sisters! One is Catalonia, another Provence. At the foot of each figure, there is the coat of arms that designate. You can read about the conch “Present offered by Catalan patriots félibres to Provence for the hospitality given to the Catalan poet Victor Balaguer in 1867”

It was created through a subscription of 1,800 signatures by the sculptor Etienne (St-Etienne-de-Tinée) Guillaume Fulconis who would not be paid when he heard the patriotic purpose of the object. It is. Paris the treasurer JARRY the cast this magnificent piece.

Three verses immediately create a Provencal universe; five spiritually animate a banquet; the seven verses of the sacred song, finally, give any meeting accuracy and Provencal perfection.


Attention running the Coupo Santo never applauds