A 40th anniversary of fullness and friendship

The 433 th Chapter of the Commanderie des Costes du Rhone closed the celebration of the fortieth anniversary which were held for 4 days. It was one of fullness and friendship.
Fullness for all, in the course of the evening, showed the development of this structure has become indispensable to the whole name and radiating around the world to promote the wines of the Cotes du Rhone.
New commanders the new Consul through new prestige knights, all in the approach reveals a culmination controlled, precise but still remaining, of course, in a warm atmosphere. And that’s where friendship comes into play because nothing in this Commanderie is done without her.
Friendship between the Commanders who, around the grandmaster Patrick Galant have invested for months to give these four days the success they wanted. Friendship with the consuls and members of the Baron in the world who came from South Korea, New York, Philadelphia, Quebec and Montreal, the Palatinate, Liège and Switzerland to share this rare moment.
Finally friendship with all the knights of old, prestigious (Senator, prefect) no humble winemaker, they were three hundred gathered in the courtyard of the castle in summer Saturday. Gathered to celebrate this success that is the Commanderie whose pioneers were honored that day and welcome new knights known to serve the cause and defend the wines of the world.
Knights whose name Christophe Barbier, journalist, director of Express, Cyril Payon, president of the Union of winemakers of France, Jacques Migaux, gendarmerie general, Pascal Duffrene, president of the winery Coteaux du Rhône Sérignan Bernard Jacquin, international consultant, Gerard Marshal, diplomat Marcel Martinent, CEO import export to Singapore, Christophe Murat, IT Director General and Xavier Reboul, Sales Director BTP An evening that lasted very late into the chilly night this Saturday June 2013, 40 years after the first chapter …
Photo: inductees of 29.06 and Commanders to Suze.

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