It is the sacred wine of the master winemakers,
Dedicated servants of a renowned terroir
Cultivated in the faith of a passionate love
Offering our desires this work shaped …


              The Côtes du Rhône !!! Connoisseurs’ pleasure,
Secular brew with subtle flavors
That true gourmets, savvy hobbyists
Direct advice to the keen palates.


Red, pink or white, its colors sparkle
And its smells of flowers, fruits or cinnamon …
Exhale in the mouth, with delicacy,
A range of aromas, elegant finesse.



        Eating the evenings, with family, friends,
Embracing friendship, and magnifying life
It is a friendly wine with a fraternal spirit
Loving to lavish his eternal virtues!


It comes from the hillsides along the great Rhône
And its generous fruit, at the beginning of autumn,
Delivers the joy of the work done
A year of hard work in these clusters picked


Generous nature flooded with sun
Revealing to our eyes so beautiful wonders
Where vineyards and villages, attractions of Provence

Ennoblise oh how much this land of France!