When in the heart of autumn the coldness is there

And that the mistral blows excessively,

It is not far from the time when the vine vermilion

During such long months, rest and sleep …


Stripped of her leaves carried away by the wind,

Patiently, with faith, his many branches

Are then shaped with a scissors cut,

That a winegrower’s hand is beveled.


Braving the elements of the harsh winter

Fog and rain and vigorous cold,

We must not forget any vine, no rank

From November to early spring!


When come back one morning the beautiful swallows

In the Provençal sky whirling with their wings,

The vine wakes up and its frail buds

Finding the light becomes fertile again.


This beautiful month of April reveals its nuances

And the bright color of its so intense green

Wonder the eyes and oppress the heart,

In these days when the freeze can arise unfortunately!


When finally arrive the first days of May,

Sounds the crucial time where it is now necessary

With force and love rework the earth,

Enlightened with the knowledge inherited from our fathers.


In turn plow, scrub, sulphate,

Then go on and start again,

For whole days, everyone does his duty

Without sparing the trouble offered to our terroirs!


Of these cares lavished, the vine little by little

Find its splendor and its generous fruits

Mature within it the space of a summer

Promise to bring everyone cheerfulness.


Then come the harvest where the bunches are picked

In these hours of effort and great euphoria

Unveil fully their intimate secret

To our winemakers, initiated and discreet.


And the juices released from these tasty grains

Will soon give great sumptuous wines,

The Côtes du Rhône, delectable beverages,

Embracing friendship through the ages !!!


© Andéol POMMIER  Chancellor of the Commandery