The Fiancée of Côtes du Rhône


On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Commanderie (July 2013) 


The Fiancée of Côtes du Rhône


She is resplendent and in the prime of life

Illuminating these places, features of her face,

Attentive to my voice, she listens to these words

As at the very first day, mistress in her castle!


His devoted thoughts to beautiful and noble cause

Where fidelity and virtue are needed

Attack my desires to taste with joy

The fruit of his pleasures that open the way for us!


She likes to walk in the Côtes du Rhône

From Ampuis to Avignon, his sweet voice resonates

Epicurean hearts, friends of our villages

And of our traditions that are given in pledge!


Her long purple dress and her big white coat

Make it so sublime in the eyes of the courtiers

She has a crazy charm around the world

Yes, she is forty and the soul is wandering …


You all know her, some of you

Live her Spirit, she who I confess

Since our meeting to find out to know

If I would be faithful, the oath of duty!


His overflowing flame has awakened my

Faith Loving to remember that it is good

To serve our wine to communion finally

To the happiness of life, to endless voluptuousness!


To believe in her destiny, she needs you,

Because she is so fragile and live through us

Suppose everyone goes to his side,

To see it shine, in all its beauty!


She knows the way to go

Let’s not disappoint, believe in the future,

For ever, Messires, in our lordship,

We covered with honor … our Commandery !!


© Andéol POMMIER