It’s at the castle of Suze, in the summer season,

May our brotherhood, in this month of July

Holds his traditional solemn chapter

Intense event, exceptional moment!

Under the Provençal sky, what pleasure confessed

Gather friends, love to meet

The time of an evening, in this feudal place

Revealing now, its medieval splendor !!

The Grand Council of the Order and all the Commanders

Slowly down the stairs of honor

Leading the banner, followed by his allies

Then closing the ranks, Grand Master and Chancellor.

Dressed in the Templar choir dress,

The unspeakable pride of being their heirs

Revive in spirit a faithful friendship

Towards traditions with eternal values.

The defense of his people, solidarity,

Respect for everyone and fraternity

Here are the sacred bonds uniting for life

Knights members at the Commandery.

Immutable ritual where the weight of a sword

Resting on each shoulder, in a gesture supported,

Adoube with fervor the guest sponsored

Joining forever the army of his elders.

Then the gift of the badge, ultimate distinction,

Finally delivers the right to ennoble the function

The time of a hug initiated by the heart

Where then murmur some words of happiness.

Spark of joy shining in the eyes

Of the new petitioner, who with envious eyes,

Savor fully, standing and glass in hand

The Côtes du Rhône, fruit of endless pleasure!

© Andéol POMMIER