Serene 2014 General Assembly

La Commanderie des Costes du Rhone has developed during its fortieth general meeting a positive assessment of his action. Notably that of 2013 which saw the 40th anniversary celebrated with pomp with many manifestations.
The Grand Master was able to note that during this year, more than 3,500 people who participated in the world in an event with the Commandery, whether in France or abroad with its spread across 11 Baronnies the world and who know the wines of Côtes du Rhône from Philadelphia to Seoul and Liege in Quebec. The highlight of 2013 was undoubtedly the World and Section 40 of which have attracted many foreign Commanders for 4 days in our area for tours and demonstrations during which the founders were honored. Media coverage of these events resulted in the publication of over 100 papers contributing to the notoriety of the appellation. The financial results for the year is of course burdened by its manifestations and by the investments made in 2013 including the creation of the new website of the Commanderie which federates all Baronnies and the Commanderie. The year was also rich in meetings and chapters with chapter Truffle, different harvest bans for Millévin and Vouland Museum in Avignon and also through the association that organizes Wines celebrates 6 shows (almost 7) France and Belgium each year and for over 27 years. 2014 will not be left behind as we announced on May 31 chapters in Jonquerettes, August 3 at St. Cecilia’s Day of the Rose and the banns in Avignon, St. Cecilia and Tulette, on 30 and 31 August. But for now we are actively preparing especially chapter Summer 2014 to be held at the headquarters in Suze la Rousse Saturday, June 28 and promises to be even ostentatious. Despite the uncertainties and lack of significant financial support that would allow it to be even more effective, leaders reaffirmed that the Commanderie more than ever aims to defend and promote the wines of Cotes du Rhone vineyard and culture. But it will also require new generations of winemakers invest more in its operation to ensure sustainability.

Photo: Members of the Commandery at the General Assembly

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